The Difference Between Feeling Better and Getting Better


Feeling better seems to be a universal goal of humankind.

When we’re experiencing physical, emotional, or spiritual pain, the instinct to feel better can take on a life of its own.  Most of us don’t even realize our subconscious is in overdrive doing whatever it takes to avoid bad feelings.

The problem is this:  what makes us feel better usually isn’t what makes us get better.

Feeling Better More



The truth lay buried in me for so long, I sometimes doubted it myself when it dared to rise up uninvited, desperate to be heard.

Following what I’d been taught, I shoved it down repeatedly until the day I no longer could.

Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth.  ~Ghandi~


Letter to My Younger Self




Dear Denise,

I understand how trapped, lonely, and sad you feel right now.  Being ten years old is hard enough without the added burden of an abusive home.

Dad is a mean and angry man.  He takes it out on anyone he can overpower, and many times that ends up being you.  This isn’t your fault -it’s not because of anything you’ve done, or not done.   I know how hard you try to do the right things so he’ll say nice things to you.  I know how much it would mean to you for him to say he’s sorry for the awful things he’s done. He is supposed to take care of you, not hurt you.

Mom doesn’t protect you because she’s busy surviving him in her own way.  Unfortunately, that means she can’t let herself see what’s happening to you.  She uses the wine to escape into her fun, happy world.  It makes things easier for her, but harder for you.  I know one day you will be angry with her about this, but then More

Nirvana, Anyone?


While many Kurt Cobain fans are marking the 19th anniversary of his death this week, I am reminded of what a haunted and painful life he led.  I’ll admit it, my fascination lies there; not in his music per se, but in his pain.  He found an extraordinary way of expressing, even purging, deep emotions through music and seemingly outlandish assertions. 

Pardon the language, but some of my favorite quotes are: More

If Your Life Was A Movie…


All this NaNo writing is turning my brain to mush, and it’s high time for some F-U-N!

Rachel Bell from KIRO radio was talking this week about movie stars and somehow the conversation took a fun little side track.  She said if her life was a movie, she’d pick Julia Louis-Dreyfus to play her.  (There’s a definite resemblance alright!)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (courtesy of fanpop.com)

That got my wheels turning…If my life was a movie, More

Six Word Memoir


Getting My Life Back. Grateful. Hopeful.

That’s the six word memoir I posted on Rachelle Gardner’s blog.  She’s a literary agent who always gives me something to think about.  She recently had a post that intrigued me and I decided I’d like to borrow the idea.  It’s all about us getting to know each other in a six word memoir.

Just like all of you, More

Darth Vader, Me and Masks


Recently I ran across this picture of me with Darth Vader in Victoria, BC. 

Me and Darth Vader

I admired his chutzpah; the courage to put on the costume, play his music on the street corner and entertain people while doing something he enjoyed!   I still admire him, but now the picture reminds me of wearing masks.  Not just for street vendors or Halloween, but also emotional masks and what we can accomplish (or cover) when we wear them.

 For years I’ve fantasized about being a Seattle sports mascot like the Mariner Moose or (back in the day) Sonic Squatch.  I know I could have so much fun dancing around the stadium, high fiving the kids, blasting T-shirts into the crowd and generally being a lunatic!  All that craziness behind the mask and everyone would smile with approval and laugh with me!  But, Click Here

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