“Mrs. M Died Today”


Robin Williams’ suicide continues to touch raw wounds.

I have the honor of sharing a deeply touching story from “Mary” today.  She very eloquently describes what it’s like to be left behind the wake of a suicide.


“Mrs. M died today,” read my diary. 

That’s all that’s written.  Looking back, I just don’t think there was any more to say.  How in the world could I explain it to my diary when at age 10, my best friend’s mom died and left us all bereft, swirling in a pool of uncertainty?

Now more than 30 years later, More

The Lure of Suicide


The world lost a great man when Robin Williams took his own life this week. A genius, really. But more importantly, we lost a man in pain. Someone who decided he and his family were better off with him dead.

It is human nature to want to fill in the blanks. Why did he do it?

Does it really matter? Do we need a reason so we feel superior that we didn’t do the terrible deed?

The bottom line is: Pain is Pain.

Desperate pain results in desperate ideas and choices.


When I was suicidal, More

The Difference Between Feeling Better and Getting Better


Feeling better seems to be a universal goal of humankind.

When we’re experiencing physical, emotional, or spiritual pain, the instinct to feel better can take on a life of its own.  Most of us don’t even realize our subconscious is in overdrive doing whatever it takes to avoid bad feelings.

The problem is this:  what makes us feel better usually isn’t what makes us get better.

Feeling Better More

Nirvana, Anyone?


While many Kurt Cobain fans are marking the 19th anniversary of his death this week, I am reminded of what a haunted and painful life he led.  I’ll admit it, my fascination lies there; not in his music per se, but in his pain.  He found an extraordinary way of expressing, even purging, deep emotions through music and seemingly outlandish assertions. 

Pardon the language, but some of my favorite quotes are: More

Desperate to Stop the Pain


**Warning: This may be triggering, it is graphic.


She stood in the small, tidy kitchen desperate to stop the pain. 

The overwhelming fear, loneliness and sadness had painted her into this bleak, dark corner.  Something had to change; she could not live this way any longer. 

The silence of the empty house was deafening.  The heavy odor of cigarettes hung in the air, adding to her already throbbing headache.  They would be gone until dinner, still at least an hour away.  She had some time to really think, although her options were limited. More

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