Once again, an ignorant comment about rape is in the news. 

Disbelief rose as an offensive headline jumped out at me recently.   India crime chief causes outrage with ‘If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it’ comment.”

According to a EuroNews report, Ranjit Sigha –the chief of India’s equivalent to our FBI – made a comment last week during a conference about illegal sports betting and the need to legalize gambling to make revenue from it.  “If you cannot enforce the ban on betting, it is like saying ‘If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it.’”  Now he’s crying foul, saying his words were taken out of context.  Even if they were, the fact that someone in charge of sexual assault investigations would use such an analogy is outrageous and unacceptable.

To even entertain the idea that being raped is like betting or any other illegal behavior that is hard to enforce is insolent at best.

It reminded me of More

Effective Steps for Change


Sometimes we recognize characteristics in ourselves we’d like to change, but we’re not sure how.

My guest today, Bill Jones, Jr., shares his inspiring story of how he made a conscious decision to overcome traits that were holding him back.  He also shares the practical steps of how he did it.

Bill Jones, Jr.

Bill Jones, Jr.

I’ve become something of a master of self-induced change. In fact, I’ve changed enough that psychological tests now show me with a completely different personality profile than before. More importantly, my current profile is in harmony with the person I wanted to be. More

Forget Resolutions! I Have a Bucket List!


Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here, fireworks have faded, and partygoers have headed home.  The next common tradition is to write out those resolutions intended to improve our lives in the coming year.  

Well, New Year’s Resolutions always left me feeling like a failure; the emotion amplified as year-end approached and my resolutions remained just words on a paper.  The flab stayed (or grew), the exercise routine never started, the clothes in my closet didn’t get replaced…you get the idea.  So, I stopped making resolutions years ago without any regrets!

Instead, I developed a list in my head of Things To Do in my lifetime.  It wasn’t until I watched “The Bucket List”,

Bucket List -The Movie

Bucket List -The Movie

I realized that was exactly what I had.  A Bucket List!  I just never had a fancy name for my ‘wish list’.  In lieu of a New Year’s resolution blog, I thought I’d share my evolving Bucket List with you in the hopes you’ll share yours, too.

A few things I’ve already crossed off my list: More

Watch What You Ask A Mom…or A Retiree!


When my kids were young, I was a ‘stay-at-home’ mom.  Admission of this unappreciated ‘career’ often resulted in being asked “What do you do at home all day?”  No doubt, the question wasn’t meant to offend me, but it usually had that very effect!  Obviously the cleaning, cooking, errands and oh yeah Parenting didn’t take up much of my day, right?

One day in particular, I was out on errands in a mightly frazzled state of mind.

courtesy: picturesof.net

courtesy: picturesof.net

The kids had been fighting, we were running late and my ‘to-do’ list was longer than the day allowed.  I bumped into someone I barely knew on the sidewalk and she asked The Question.  At this point, I’m pretty sure I only had one nerve left and she stepped right on it. More

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