A blast from the past…I recently agreed to start writing some stories of growing up in Alaska after my daughter’s request.  Below, I share an abridged version of my stint of working in radio.  Hands down the most fun job I ever had.

After I quit college, I moved back home.  I got a full time job with the school district working in the accounting department. I’d been working there off and on since 9th grade. It paid pretty well but it was boring.  So I also got a part- time job with the new radio station. Initially I was intimidated by the mike and hated the sound of my voice, but I got over that pretty quickly. My confidence grew as I would get requests and compliments from listeners. Our listening area was the size of the state of Ohio.

One unique feature we had was an on-air messaging service.  There were no cell phones or internet yet.  And a lot of people didn’t even have land line phones in the villages either.  More