Puppy Love


I admit it…I’m a sap when it comes to dogs, and puppies easily turn me into a babbling idiot.

We had to say goodbye to our last dog, Lady, a year ago.  I never thought I’d be without a dog, but we’ve needed this doggie break.  We’re not sure when we’ll fill the empty nest again, but…

To my great surprise and delight, our daughter and son-in-law recently adopted a dog from the pound, and now I HAVE A GRANDPUPPY!!!

Me and Jessie -My Grandpuppy!

Me and Jessie -My Grandpuppy!


NaNo Excerpt #3 “Letters of a Lifetime”


It’s been a few months since I shared the last excerpt of my NaNoWriMo novel “Letters of a Lifetime.”  I recently reengaged in the editing process and am excited to continue working on my novel.  Click here to read Part 1, and here to read Part 2. 
We pick up where Anne just finished reading a shocking letter indicating her recently deceased mother was an unwed mother in the 1940’s. 

Anne shook her head in disbelief.  Who was Jack, and what became of his parents? Did they know about the baby? Did Ruth give the baby up for adoption, or did she keep it? Anne’s hunger for answers and truth intensified as she reread the letter.

She sank a little further into the couch, letting her mind wander a bit before diving into the next letter.


“Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom”


Aristotle said these words more than 2000 years ago, but I believe they ring as true today as they did then.

Knowing myself was never something on my “Bucket List”.  Frankly, it never even occurred to me that I didn’t know myself.  I was just going through life, one day at a time.  It was more than enough just to maintain family, work, and social events.

When my life began unraveling several years ago, I thought I was going crazy.   If someone had told me knowing myself would help, I probably would have just cocked my head and said “Huh?”

Truthfully, though, I think I subconsciously understood this theory to some degree.  I often wondered why some events  -or especially non-events – terrified me when it was obvious there wasn’t any actual danger.  (It took a long time for me to learn about ‘triggers’ and PTSD.)

A time I remember like yesterday was at my kids’ middle school band concert.  My husband and I sat with my in-laws, eager for the concert to begin.  I smiled and shook my head, both amused and dismayed, as I spotted my son sharing M&M’s out of his shirt pocket with the trumpet player seated next to him.  I also grinned indulgently seeing (and hearing) my daughter unsuccessfully stifling a fit of giggles with her girlfriend.  Just a proud mom basking in the milestones of her kids.

Things changed suddenly when More

Still Trying To Do It All?


When I used to maintain an overly-full schedule, I thought it was all about contributing great things to my family and community.  Wasn’t it admirable of me?  Working part-time; going to school part-time; raising two kids; maintaining a household that, over the years, included goldfish, a lizard, three dogs, and six rabbits; volunteering every week at school; being the secretary on the church board; attending Bible Study; teaching Sunday School; and making homemade meals every day became a normal way of life. 

Truthfully, I didn’t have a clue how exhausted I was.  There was an invisible force compelling me to continue this insanity.  I didn’t know it then, but my busyness was the best solution my subconscious had to prevent me from feeling my emotions and dealing with memories.  To top it off, I just couldn’t say no.  My hungry ego was fed each time I was ‘needed’.  More

Q&A with Linda J. Reed


Today I’m very pleased to introduce you to someone I admire very much. 

Linda and I have known each other for several years, and I’ve always respected her strength, character, and perseverence.  She took personal growth and recovery to the ultimate level and went on to become a licensed therapist and life coach.  

Please give Linda a warm welcome as you enjoy some ‘nuggets’ of wisdom she has to share.

Linda J. Reed

Linda J. Reed


NaNo Excerpt #2 “Letters of a Lifetime”


Anne has been a bit nervous to share what’s happening next in her journey through our NaNoWriMo novel draft “Letters of a Lifetime”.  She’s felt very vulnerable and has resisted me posting it.  However, after careful consideration, she’s decided to be brave and take the plunge.  We hope you enjoy it.

If you’d like to know what happened with Anne in Excerpt #1, please click here.

The three-hour drive home from Ruth’s house in Lexington was uneventful, so Anne’s mind had time to drift.  She absent-mindedly admired the heavily blossomed apple and cherry trees, and they reminded her of the cycle of life.  It was odd knowing someone somewhere was rejoicing at new life with the birth of a baby, while she was grieving loss at the death of her mother. 

Her weary mind eventually wandered to the peculiar phone conversation she’d had with Ruth’s favorite hospice nurse earlier.  June had called and said “I have something for you.  It’s a note; something your mom asked me to write down for you.  She wanted you to read it yourself, and I promised her I wouldn’t just tell you.”  June had taken down Anne’s address and promised to drop it in the mail promptly.




Merry Christmas!


Our Daughter's Wedding!

2012 Our Daughter’s Wedding!

Sending you Merry Christmas wishes…from my house to yours!

Family memories make the best Christmas cards.  I am so blessed to have this wonderful, growing family to make beautiful memories with.

We enjoy sending (and receiving!) photo Christmas cards, and our refrigerator is plastered with them all year long!  I thought it would be fun to share a few of our holiday cards with you.

I hope you enjoy this journey through some of our Christmas’ past; please leave a comment about some of your favorite Christmas cards or family memories! More

NaNo 2012 Excerpt #1


Those of you who have been supporting and encouraging me know that I’ve been on a NaNoWriMo detour the last several weeks. I crossed the finish line with an official word count of 50,049 words, and it’s taken me this long to come up for air! Thanks to everyone who supported me through emails, blog comments, etc.! You are all wonderful! I even had two people tell about their own “letter stories” in their comments.

Several people have mentioned wanting to read about Anne’s adventures from this year’s novel, so I am sharing an excerpt below. It is longer than my typical posts; I hope you don’t mind. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated!

One last thing…I was advised to mention a reminder this text is subject to my copyright (see notice on home page.) Thank you!

Letters of a Lifetime”-A Raw & Rough Excerpt

Anne sighed deeply after the last person left the house.  Friends, family, and neighbors had gone out of their way to stop by after the funeral.  It had been an amazing show of love for her mom, and she appreciated it.  Still, it was mentally draining to cope with everyone’s sorrow and awkward comments while deep in grief herself. More

Milestones of Letting Go


Fall is definitely my favorite season.  The beautiful colors combined with warm days and cool nights always make me happy! 


A Time of Reflection…

It’s also back-to-school time, which always feels like a season of reflection….thinking about milestones.  My kids are grown and gone, but I was thinking recently of my daughter’s first day of kindergarten.  Like so many first-time moms, I stood at the bus stop, my heart torn in two.  I was so proud of my little girl -so smart and so capable.  Yet, I wasn’t ready to let her go off into the big world without me.  Of course I did my best to be brave while she boarded the bus.  But, as soon as it pulled away and I walked home with her little brother and the dog, I couldn’t quite fight off the tears.  Click Here to Continue

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