Would You Push The Red Button?


Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

I saw a video today that is sure to make you squirm and wonder what you’d do in this situation!


A Season of Rest


A season of rest.  It has such a carefree ring to it, doesn’t it?  A time to relax and refresh.  Ahh.  Who could complain about that?

Well, apparently, I could.  A pain in my neck (a real one!) has been severely cramping my style lately. I tried my usual approach with new aches and pain –ignore it and hope it goes away on its own. Not surprisingly, that was unsuccessful.

After about 10 days of seeing the chiropractor, who suggested plenty of Rest, and enduring hours of ice packs, I finally went to the doctor. She prescribed Rest and high doses of ibuprofen for 5 days.  My idea of resting was to work with one hand while holding the ice pack on my neck with the other.  After the 5th day without any relief, I was reaching whining levels, More

Watch What You Ask A Mom…or A Retiree!


When my kids were young, I was a ‘stay-at-home’ mom.  Admission of this unappreciated ‘career’ often resulted in being asked “What do you do at home all day?”  No doubt, the question wasn’t meant to offend me, but it usually had that very effect!  Obviously the cleaning, cooking, errands and oh yeah Parenting didn’t take up much of my day, right?

One day in particular, I was out on errands in a mightly frazzled state of mind.

courtesy: picturesof.net

courtesy: picturesof.net

The kids had been fighting, we were running late and my ‘to-do’ list was longer than the day allowed.  I bumped into someone I barely knew on the sidewalk and she asked The Question.  At this point, I’m pretty sure I only had one nerve left and she stepped right on it. More

Much Needed Humor


After an intense week of talking, crying, healing and reconcilliation with mom last week, I’ve decided a little humor is in order.  Humor has been an important part of my healing process along my entire journey.  Sometimes laughing and crying are just two sides of the same coin.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have:  Click Here To Laugh

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