School Days of Yesteryear


I recently jotted down some memories of my school days in Alaska where the entire school K-12 was about 100 students.  Boys routinely brought guns to school for after-school hunting, the basketball team flew to other villages every weekend to compete, being white meant I was a minority, and so much more that used to seem normal to me.  I thought I’d share some of these memories with you today.  I’d love to hear about your unusual school days, too!

My hometown. Yes that's the whole town.

My hometown. Yes that’s the whole town.

Our kindergarten class went to the community library building and all I remember was watching Sesame Street. Our family didn’t have TV and it was a novelty to me. Big Bird was quite mesmerizing! I also remember going to the ‘big school’ down the street and visiting the first grade class. That was exciting! I couldn’t wait to start school.

Though I was thrilled to be in school, first grade is very vague for me. About all I remember is liking my teacher, Mrs. Randazzo.

Mrs. Knapp entered my life for second grade. She was the most magnificent and wonderful person I knew.  I simply adored her. She always had a smile and she always made me feel special and smart. All these years later, she told me I was one of four second graders in that class that could read. It explained why I remember being called on to read the script below the silent films we watched sometimes.  She had a reading corner with lots of books and cards you could mark off when you finished a book. I couldn’t get enough of reading, I think mostly because she gave me lots of praise and encouragement.

Lynne & Me 2nd grade  July 4th parade

Lynne & Me
2nd grade
July 4th parade

Third and fourth grades were with Mrs. O’Donnell. She was a spitfire and didn’t settle for any nonsense. Tammy was a year older than me and I remember the two of them getting tangled up one time.  It wasn’t pretty.  Tammy bit Mrs. O’Donnell and all hell broke loose.  More

A Trip Down Memory Lane…


Many of us are focused on Thanksgiving this week, and remembering what we’re thankful for.  Hands down, I’m thankful for my husband and our kids (+ kids in law)!

Since my kids have gotten married, I have to share holidays with “the other families” now.  (Side note:  I’m still learning to be gracious about sharing!)  I’ve been spoiled having my kids for every holiday their whole lives, and didn’t even know it!  Thanksgiving is our holiday this year, and I’m so excited about having them here in a few short days!

My NaNo novel is taking shape, and with no great surprise to me, the family theme is becoming stronger as the chapters grow.  I love my family with every fiber of my body.  My kids have been God’s greatest gift to me, and I am often incredulous He chose me to be their mom.  Sometimes when I’m missing them, More

Milestones of Letting Go


Fall is definitely my favorite season.  The beautiful colors combined with warm days and cool nights always make me happy! 


A Time of Reflection…

It’s also back-to-school time, which always feels like a season of reflection….thinking about milestones.  My kids are grown and gone, but I was thinking recently of my daughter’s first day of kindergarten.  Like so many first-time moms, I stood at the bus stop, my heart torn in two.  I was so proud of my little girl -so smart and so capable.  Yet, I wasn’t ready to let her go off into the big world without me.  Of course I did my best to be brave while she boarded the bus.  But, as soon as it pulled away and I walked home with her little brother and the dog, I couldn’t quite fight off the tears.  Click Here to Continue

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