Going to the Dogs


We have a 4-legged addition to the family!

Hubby and I adopted a Catahoula Leopard mix from a local rescue organization last week and it’s like having a toddler in the house!

(We’d never heard of this breed before, but are quickly becoming educated.  She’s a mix, so considerably smaller and calmer than a pure-bred.)

She’s one year old and full of vim, vinegar, and mischief.

(Except when she’s passed out, recharging her batteries!)

Tuckered Out

Tuckered Out





Learning to sit

Learning to sit









Bucket List Update -One Down


Something I listed on my Bucket List in January was to “go on a vacation or camping with all our kids.”  Well, just a few short weeks later, they told us they were planning a surprise 3-day getaway for hubby and I with them.  They let us pick a weekend and that’s as much as we were allowed to know.  I love surprises!!!  There’s been so much anticipation the last five months, but finally the big day arrived! More

Puppy Love


I admit it…I’m a sap when it comes to dogs, and puppies easily turn me into a babbling idiot.

We had to say goodbye to our last dog, Lady, a year ago.  I never thought I’d be without a dog, but we’ve needed this doggie break.  We’re not sure when we’ll fill the empty nest again, but…

To my great surprise and delight, our daughter and son-in-law recently adopted a dog from the pound, and now I HAVE A GRANDPUPPY!!!

Me and Jessie -My Grandpuppy!

Me and Jessie -My Grandpuppy!


Alaska, Iditarod and Fairies


Thanks to everyone who sent prayers, emails, and other well wishes after my aunt passed away. My husband, daughter, and I went to the service last Wednesday and had our time to say goodbye. She was well-loved and it was a bittersweet time to share with her family. I’m feeling so much more at peace now. My uncle is doing well, they had an incredible marriage and were together when she passed peacefully. I’m looking forward to seeing him again soon.

The day after the funeral, we left for Alaska to visit my mom and see the Iditarod. My family has been involved with the famous dog sled race since the first one in 1973. It was very healing and exciting to be there again.  I will admit, this was my first time being a K9 Fairy!  We had to wear our dresses, boas, and jewelry on the outside of our snow gear.  That was quite an experience!

Mom told me lots of stories I hadn’t heard before, and the three of us had a good time.  She pulled out a huge box of old letters and piles of old photos, most of which I’d never seen.  It was a good step towards more healing and connecting; God truly blessed this time together.

I hope you enjoy our trip:

Circling to land in Anchorage

Circling to land in Anchorage


NaNo Excerpt #2 “Letters of a Lifetime”


Anne has been a bit nervous to share what’s happening next in her journey through our NaNoWriMo novel draft “Letters of a Lifetime”.  She’s felt very vulnerable and has resisted me posting it.  However, after careful consideration, she’s decided to be brave and take the plunge.  We hope you enjoy it.

If you’d like to know what happened with Anne in Excerpt #1, please click here.

The three-hour drive home from Ruth’s house in Lexington was uneventful, so Anne’s mind had time to drift.  She absent-mindedly admired the heavily blossomed apple and cherry trees, and they reminded her of the cycle of life.  It was odd knowing someone somewhere was rejoicing at new life with the birth of a baby, while she was grieving loss at the death of her mother. 

Her weary mind eventually wandered to the peculiar phone conversation she’d had with Ruth’s favorite hospice nurse earlier.  June had called and said “I have something for you.  It’s a note; something your mom asked me to write down for you.  She wanted you to read it yourself, and I promised her I wouldn’t just tell you.”  June had taken down Anne’s address and promised to drop it in the mail promptly.




I Still Miss Pepper


Rex was never my dog.  He was old when I was born and never had much patience for me.  Even so, I loved having a dog in the house and liked to rub his silky black ears.  Apparently, I used him as a scapegoat once when I got into mom’s freshly baked cake and blamed the dog! 

When I was seven, I was playing outside and a neighbor friend noticed Rex wasn’t around and asked me where he was.  I went inside and asked mom, but she was busy visiting with her friend and tried to distract me.  But, I persisted. More

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