Would You Push The Red Button?


Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

I saw a video today that is sure to make you squirm and wonder what you’d do in this situation!


Can You Explain My Weirdness?


I guess we all have talents others might find a little weird.  I have two ‘talents’ I find weird and unexplainable of myself and have never found explanations for them.

It occurred to me that my smart, broad-minded readers might be able to help.

I sure hope so!

The first one is More

Puppy Love


I admit it…I’m a sap when it comes to dogs, and puppies easily turn me into a babbling idiot.

We had to say goodbye to our last dog, Lady, a year ago.  I never thought I’d be without a dog, but we’ve needed this doggie break.  We’re not sure when we’ll fill the empty nest again, but…

To my great surprise and delight, our daughter and son-in-law recently adopted a dog from the pound, and now I HAVE A GRANDPUPPY!!!

Me and Jessie -My Grandpuppy!

Me and Jessie -My Grandpuppy!


A Season of Rest


A season of rest.  It has such a carefree ring to it, doesn’t it?  A time to relax and refresh.  Ahh.  Who could complain about that?

Well, apparently, I could.  A pain in my neck (a real one!) has been severely cramping my style lately. I tried my usual approach with new aches and pain –ignore it and hope it goes away on its own. Not surprisingly, that was unsuccessful.

After about 10 days of seeing the chiropractor, who suggested plenty of Rest, and enduring hours of ice packs, I finally went to the doctor. She prescribed Rest and high doses of ibuprofen for 5 days.  My idea of resting was to work with one hand while holding the ice pack on my neck with the other.  After the 5th day without any relief, I was reaching whining levels, More

Watch What You Ask A Mom…or A Retiree!


When my kids were young, I was a ‘stay-at-home’ mom.  Admission of this unappreciated ‘career’ often resulted in being asked “What do you do at home all day?”  No doubt, the question wasn’t meant to offend me, but it usually had that very effect!  Obviously the cleaning, cooking, errands and oh yeah Parenting didn’t take up much of my day, right?

One day in particular, I was out on errands in a mightly frazzled state of mind.

courtesy: picturesof.net

courtesy: picturesof.net

The kids had been fighting, we were running late and my ‘to-do’ list was longer than the day allowed.  I bumped into someone I barely knew on the sidewalk and she asked The Question.  At this point, I’m pretty sure I only had one nerve left and she stepped right on it. More

A Trip Down Memory Lane…


Many of us are focused on Thanksgiving this week, and remembering what we’re thankful for.  Hands down, I’m thankful for my husband and our kids (+ kids in law)!

Since my kids have gotten married, I have to share holidays with “the other families” now.  (Side note:  I’m still learning to be gracious about sharing!)  I’ve been spoiled having my kids for every holiday their whole lives, and didn’t even know it!  Thanksgiving is our holiday this year, and I’m so excited about having them here in a few short days!

My NaNo novel is taking shape, and with no great surprise to me, the family theme is becoming stronger as the chapters grow.  I love my family with every fiber of my body.  My kids have been God’s greatest gift to me, and I am often incredulous He chose me to be their mom.  Sometimes when I’m missing them, More

If Your Life Was A Movie…


All this NaNo writing is turning my brain to mush, and it’s high time for some F-U-N!

Rachel Bell from KIRO radio was talking this week about movie stars and somehow the conversation took a fun little side track.  She said if her life was a movie, she’d pick Julia Louis-Dreyfus to play her.  (There’s a definite resemblance alright!)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (courtesy of fanpop.com)

That got my wheels turning…If my life was a movie, More

Six Word Memoir


Getting My Life Back. Grateful. Hopeful.

That’s the six word memoir I posted on Rachelle Gardner’s blog.  She’s a literary agent who always gives me something to think about.  She recently had a post that intrigued me and I decided I’d like to borrow the idea.  It’s all about us getting to know each other in a six word memoir.

Just like all of you, More

Smitten by NaNoWriMo!


Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo!  My husband has agreed to become a writer’s widower for 30 days while I live and breathe writing!

My novel is tentatively titled “Letters”.   It’s going to be about More

Honored To Pay It Forward



That’s the best I can come up with today.  I am astonished by the response my last post, Desperate to Stop the Pain, created.  It was by far the most difficult one I’ve written and by far seemed to touch people the most.  Thank you to all who shared it, took the time to comment on it, and for your amazing support.  I am incredulous and grateful. More

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