After a much longer hiatus than planned, I’ve made a commitment to resume blogging.  You have all been so vital to my healing and continued work.  I’ve missed you!  I hope I can give back a fraction of what you give to me.

Last summer I made another commitment that is dramatically changing me. I went back to school and am in the process of becoming certified in teaching groups.  My focus will be healing through telling our stories in a safe group setting.  I’m really excited about this new journey.

Part of the premise of my training is leaders can only take others where they have gone themselves.  There is considerable emphasis on continuing to do our own work if we truly want to help others (and ourselves).  I have been a firm believer in this for a long time and it was a large part of why I chose this particular training program.

Though most of my recovery work continues to be through individual therapy, I have done some small group work as well.  It was a wonderful adjunct to my therapy.  During the recent group work, I’ve been asked questions I’ve never considered before.  Others have pointed out observations I’ve never heard before.

This has proven to be a two-sided sword.  Simultaneously I have discovered more layers of pain along with more layers of healing.  Likewise, the homework has been both depressing and freeing. It is exhausting yet exhilarating.

I am home.

After so many years of trying to ‘shush’ my primary language of trauma/emotion/recovery, I am embracing it with open arms.  I am eager for the growth these changes will bring me, and for what I will be able to share with others.

How about you?  What changes are happening, or do you want to happen, in your life?