You tried to tell me it was all in my head

He couldn’t have abused me you said

Because with him you never left me alone

Even when to Anchorage or Portland you’d flown?

Ceramics night had a steep price

My childhood was the sacrifice


You thought twice weekly card parties didn’t matter?

But my innocence he did shatter


When you finally accepted my truth

It was many years after the death of my youth


I purposely haven’t told you the full story

Some things are just too gory


But what a relief to finally have you believe

After so many years I had to solitarily grieve


Without your apology I still struggle to fully forgive you

Because unwelcome but deep resentment did imbrue


To give full pardon is what I want

Its absence my heart does haunt


How has forgiveness, or the lack of it, affected you?