Last month I went on a 2500 mile solo camping trip on my motorcycle. I went through 7 states in 6 days.

I was both excited and nervous to go solo, but also determined to face my fears.

It was time for some growth. 


Turns out I had so much fun, my fears were forgotten, and definitely for naught.  The trip was a confidence booster, and equally important, gave me much needed time for reflection.20170707_200330

Without intention, each day a different relationship wound its way through my heart and mind while I rode.  It was interesting how this process took on a life of its own, and how much healing I did while riding.  I felt emotions I’d been holding back, I had revelations I needed to see, I made progress letting go.  It was glorious and restorative.

One part of the ride had an especially profound effect on me. 

The ride from the salt flats near Salt Lake City to the majesty of Lake Tahoe started off hot, dusty and monotonous.20170710_174041

 I thought the scenery would never change.  But when I got to Reno things finally started to improve.  Then, as I was riding around Lake Tahoe a field of green grass, wildflowers and tall trees greeted me.  I was overcome with unexpected emotions and started crying uncontrollably.  It was actually so intense I had to pull over and get off my bike to let myself cry it out.  Out of embarrassment and confusion, I wanted to shut it off.  Thankfully, with effort, I was able to allow the process to unfold.


It took me awhile to sort through what happened, but eventually an epiphany came to me.  The contrast of dead salt flats to living meadow was a picture of the journey and healing I did with my trauma.  When I started that work I had no idea how much different my life would be post-recovery.  For years I thought the pain would never end.  That journey truly was salt flats to meadow.

The current work I’m doing is different, it’s about living now and how to be present with my best self.  I don’t have a clear picture of what to expect, but I have the meadow to remind me it’s going to be beautiful.

How about you?  What revelations have impacted your journey?