***On a blog sabbatical until July 2015***

Keeping secrets, not telling.  The truth was strangled in my throat for so many years.

Once I became strong enough to tell my truth to one, then another, I found increasing healing and empowerment in my words.  Getting the awfulness out in the open helped make the darkness flee.

Over time, telling my truth to safe people strengthened me to be able to speak my truth to anyone -even if they didn’t believe me.

Starting this blog nearly 3 years ago has been such an incredibly important part of me speaking truth in a whole new way.  Recently, I’ve discovered myself in a new phase of growth, discovery, and healing.  There are some relationships I’ve decided to devote more of myself to, and a new layer of emotional work I’m focusing on.  As a result, I can’t seem to find my voice right now.  I think I’m in need of recharging, renewing, revitalizing.

In recognition of this, I’ve made the decision to take a 6 month sabbatical from blogging as I dive deep again.  I’m seeking more healing, more forgiveness, and a stronger voice.

Thank you everyone for your wisdom, support, and understanding.  You have given me new perspectives, new ideas, and the gift of friendship.

I look forward to returning to your blogs and mine this summer.  Best wishes to you all.  I’ll see you soon.