My daughter’s hike on the Pacific Crest Trail continues…and I am more amazed at her tenacity every day.  I’m so grateful she has a GPS device that allows her to send messages in addition to ‘pinging’ her location when she has service.  She has been faithful to let us know where she is each day, and we’ve seen her about once a week when she crosses into civilization and we resupply her.

She’s grubby and hungry when she walks off the trail, and we’re sure glad to see her!

After a 26 mile day near Mt. Rainier

After a 26 mile day near Mt. Rainier

She craves fresh fruit the most!

She craves fresh fruit the most!

Grubby Tootsies!

Grubby Tootsies!

She hit mile 325 when she made it to Steven’s Pass over the weekend.  We picked her up there and brought her home for a 36 hour rest and resupply.  She’s done about 275 miles alone, meeting some interesting characters along the way.  Her husband did a stretch between Mt. Rainier and Snoqualmie Pass with her.  They experienced rain, thunder, lightening, hail, and a new forest fire!

Michelle & Chad leaving Mt. Rainier.  (Jessie had to stay with me!)

Michelle & Chad leaving Mt. Rainier. (Jessie had to stay with me!)

And they're off!

And they’re off!

She’s had some incredible pictures and stories.  Telling about crossing the Goat Rocks between Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier nearly gave me a heart attack!  The trail is the width of your shoe and has 3000 feet drop off the side.  People have died of hypothermia along that section because it is so exposed and prone to storms -even in the summer.

They call it the "Knife Edge" along the top.  3 miles of fright!

They call it the “Knife Edge” along the top. 3 miles of fright!

I dropped her and her dad off at Steven’s Pass to hike the rest of the way together to Canada -over 2 weeks.  They will have some serious bonding time!  Her total hiking miles will be 508 when she crosses the Canadian border.  Wow!

Pacific Crest Trail at Steven's Pass

Pacific Crest Trail at Steven’s Pass

I won’t see them again for about 10 days while they are in some of the most remote areas of Washington State.  I’ll resupply them one final time before they do the last stretch.  My husband has done sections of the PCT previously with our son in Boy Scouts, but this will be his longest hike by far.

I’m living this adventure vicariously through all 3 of them!


How about you?  What adventures are you up to this summer?