Our daughter is fulfilling a Bucket List dream, and it’s got my momma heart twisted all sorts of ways.  I’m proud, immensely proud, but of course I’m also nervous.


A journey of 500 miles begins with a single step...

A journey of 500 miles begins with a single step…

She’s hiking over 500 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, more than half of that just her and her dog.

Our adventurous daughter!

Our adventurous daughter!

Michelle & Jessie

Michelle & Jessie

Her husband saying goodbye to his 2 girls.

Her husband saying goodbye to his 2 girls.  He’ll join them for a section in a couple of weeks.

Saying goodbye brought tears; pride mixed with fear and wonder as her dream became a reality.

Hard to say goodbye...

Hard for me to say goodbye…

As we watched her disappear into the bushes over the weekend, feelings similar to when she left home for college crept in.

There they go...

There they go…

She is certainly all grown-up… so capable, determined, and smart.  But she’s still my baby girl, and this time she’s literally out in the wild blue yonder!

Not many women brave this trail solo, and we support her in every way.  Still…those daily text messages confirming her progress and safety are highlights for me.  I’m looking forward to picking her up in about five weeks when she’s all done.

How about you…When have you had a hard time letting go?