In the last two years I’ve been in about 150 countries with nary a stamp in my passport!

How did I evade the TSA and customs so effectively, you ask?  I’m really not a criminal, but I do have my ways…

No private jet or bribes were involved.

This month marks two years of blogging, and I have dubbed my travel machine the WordPress Express!

I want to extend my grateful thanks to all of you for your hospitality and generosity.  The blogging community has been delightfully and incredibly welcoming to me.

You’ve encouraged me out of my comfort zone and accepted me and my difficult stories. Your acceptance has restored my soul in many ways, and grown my confidence.

Meeting new people, learning new perspectives, and gathering strength from many of you has enriched my life.  Thank you.

A special shout-out goes to the following two people who have gone above and beyond for me in many ways.  I encourage you to visit their blogs and see for yourself why I consider them to be so exceptional.

Lori at         Lori’s real down to her very core, she loves with every fiber of her being, she is the Real Deal.

Karen at     Karen supports our troops, writers, and underdogs.  She’s Apple Pie American and also the Real Deal.

Thank you everyone who has helped me grow, heal, and transform over the last two years.  I am blessed by each of you.