I guess we all have talents others might find a little weird.  I have two ‘talents’ I find weird and unexplainable of myself and have never found explanations for them.

It occurred to me that my smart, broad-minded readers might be able to help.

I sure hope so!

The first one is I kill watches.  I don’t meant to, but if you put a watch on my arm in a few days it will be dead.  Battery or wind-up, digital or analog, it doesn’t matter.  It will die an unrepairable death.



I had one Timex that lasted a few months, but all other watches…dead as a doornail within days.  I finally gave up wearing them a long time ago.  A generous employer gave me a fairly expensive watch for Christmas several years ago and I had to delicately explain why I needed to exchange it.  Naturally, he thought I was making it up and was offended.



My second strange talent is I can witch water.

I found out quite by accident I had the ability and it freaked me out.  My father-in-law was trying to locate the water pipes in his yard by witching for it.  I laughed and said that was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard.  He had 2 twigs, one in each hand, and was walking around the yard hoping the sticks would cross over each other indicating water was below.

I shook my head at him after he explained what he was doing and said “OK, let me have a go at it.”  I started walking and those crazy sticks did exactly what he’d hoped for.  I threw them on the ground in complete shock because I certainly didn’t expect it!  My curiosity got the better of me, though and I tried it again.  Repeat.

When we got home, I told my husband I wanted to try it here.  This time I used metal coat hangers and was blindfolded.  I wandered around with these rods in my hands until they crossed over each other.  I took off the blindfold and was standing right over the water main line.  Mom later told me my grandpa used this talent to find water during the Depression.  She was pleased I had ‘inherited’ the gift.  Eh, I still don’t know what to make of it.

So, can you explain my weirdness with watches or water?  What weird talents do you have?