I’ll never profess to be a poet, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the unsung heroes of Monday’s bombing in Boston.  Here’s my contribution to thank them for being examples to us all.


Sunday you were ordinary man;

Monday you were cheering, or maybe you even ran.

It’s the day you became hero, as well;

Despite danger you ran through shrapnel.


The bombs exploded with a terrifying blast;

In panic and despair, many people ran past.

But you ran straight into the turmoil

That made most people shudder and recoil.


You rushed to help the broken and bruised,

While others were still reeling and confused.

Thinking only of those who needed a hand,

You were no longer ordinary man.


Flames and smoke, billowing high;

Still too soon to ask who or why.

Blood and limbs, spilled and broken;

Your strength and reaction no small token.


Though I don’t know your name;

My gratitude remains the same.

Thank you for being honorable and brave;

For showing us how heroes behave.