Loss is always hard…

Yesterday I learned my aunt passed away and my heart began to break. She and my uncle were incredible sources of support and encouragment during my estrangement from my parents. They demonstrated unconditional love and acceptance all these years and I’ve been so grateful. They nearly leapt with joy when they heard my mom and I were finally seeing each other last summer. It was amazing how they could remain separately supportive of my mom and me. They let me take the journey I needed…in my own time.

They lived in Hawaii when I was growing up, so I rarely spent time with them before my high school years.   As an adult, I’ve made an effort to see them as frequently as possible, and I always took my kids on an annual spring trip to spend several days.  But of course, it’s never enough.   

They modeled a delightful and sweet marriage…always speaking highly of each other, not raising their voices with one another, and clearly enjoying each other’s company.

I’m deeply saddened by the loss, but comforted because she knew the Lord.

I worry now about my uncle, who was entirely devoted to caring for his bride of 65 years. Her health had been declining over the years and he willingly took on more responsibilities as became necesary to care for her. Life will be shockingly different with this role gone.

We’ll be driving to Oregon for the service Wednesday, then flying to Alaska Thursday to spend some time with my mom. (which, ironically, was already scheduled to happen.)

It’s an emotional week ahead. I will probably be out of the blogging loop for several days, returning eager for you to help me heal.