Today I’m very pleased to introduce you to someone I admire very much. 

Linda and I have known each other for several years, and I’ve always respected her strength, character, and perseverence.  She took personal growth and recovery to the ultimate level and went on to become a licensed therapist and life coach.  

Please give Linda a warm welcome as you enjoy some ‘nuggets’ of wisdom she has to share.

Linda J. Reed

Linda J. Reed

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m Linda, a grateful believer in Jesus, mom, friend, daughter, sister, and fellow struggler.

What prompted you to become a therapist?

I started on my own journey of healing 19 years ago when I realized my life really wasn’t going well – at all. God lead me to a class called Learn to Live, Learn to Love. It became clear that I, indeed, had a part in my abusive marriage. My continued healing from codependency has allowed me to come alongside other strugglers and I decided to take my 12th step to the next level and become a licensed therapist.

What are the most common barriers you see that prevent people from facing problems?

We all have our defenses that keep us stuck. Blaming, justifying, rationalizing, minimizing, denial and the list goes on. When we own something, we usually start to take care of it. And, unfortunately some people need A LOT of pain before they start to change. There is a saying in recovery circles that says “a person doesn’t change until the PAIN is greater than the FEAR OF CHANGE”.

Do you have suggestions or practical tips for people to use at home:

For all these issues – please get some help and guidance from a good therapist or get in a group such as a 12-step or a class. We are wounded in relationship and need to be healed in relationship. Connection with others is CRITICAL.

1. Anger management – BREATHE and get help figuring out what is underneath the anger.

2. Depression – get exercise, don’t isolate, and see a therapist.

3. Parenting Challenges – Get educated and get help. Parenting is a dauntingly important responsibility. There are great resources out there!! If your kids are acting out – look at yourself first!!

4. Relationship Struggles – Every good relationship takes hard work! We have to make time for great friendships, our relationships with our children and parents takes extra effort at every age. And marriage…well marriage can be a crucible to bring about healing and growth for both partners. All these relationships take work! Work comes in different forms such as:

  • Therapy to assist in healing from broken to restored so that you come to relationship with a whole and healthy self
  • Coaching to help you meet goals for the relationship
  • A class to learn more about the how to’s such as Parenting with Love and Logic or Oxygen for Relationships or many of the other great classes out there
  • Attend a workshop to increase your understanding and practice new skills. Two of my favorites are my workshops on limit setting, and fierce conversations (see my webpage for more info).
  • Get honest feedback from safe people in your life, humbling yourself being open, honest, and teachable

In other words – DO SOMETHING – to grow and change…remembering… the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!get more info and stay committed to each other and a process – a class, workshop, counseling etc.

How has being a therapist impacted you and your daily life?

I am accountable to stay on my own healing journey. Today my relationships are more healthy and honest. I can say what I think and feel. I can say “No” without feeling guilty or responsible for how other people feel or respond. I am able to do this with kindness and remain connected instead of getting angry, anxious, pulling away from people, or just putting on a fake mask saying “everything is great!”. I am much more relaxed and have a deeper relationship with God, I am learning to trust Him as I let go of being the one “in control” of everything!

What are the greatest rewards you have from helping others through their struggles?

It is pure joy when the light bulbs go on and the “ah ha” moments occur. Self-awareness is our biggest resource and when someone has an “ah ha” they can then choose to do something about it and life starts changing. Very exciting.

Do you have some parting words you’d like to share?

Life is a journey, we are all broken…and God wants to restore us – get started on the journey because there is JOY in the morning! (Psalm 30:5)

Linda J. Reed

Linda J. Reed

Linda J. Reed MA, LMHC, C.Ad, CPC
22525 SE 64th Pl
Issaquah, WA 98027

Linda Reed is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, as well as a Certified Professional Coach. She has a Master’s Degree from Bastyr University, is a graduate of The American College of Addictionology, and Grow Training Institute Inc.

Her education, 19 years of experience, and own healing journey give Linda empathy, compassion and insight with her clients. She is well known for her energy and professionalism.

She has hands on 12-step experience with codependency issues, leads life skills and communication classes and workshops, and is an expert in coaching difficult conversations. Her passion includes teaching and presenting topics (including communication skills, boundaries, conflict resolution, and self-awareness) at area businesses and groups.

Linda specializes in working with individuals and families helping to facilitate healing from a variety of issues.