Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here, fireworks have faded, and partygoers have headed home.  The next common tradition is to write out those resolutions intended to improve our lives in the coming year.  

Well, New Year’s Resolutions always left me feeling like a failure; the emotion amplified as year-end approached and my resolutions remained just words on a paper.  The flab stayed (or grew), the exercise routine never started, the clothes in my closet didn’t get replaced…you get the idea.  So, I stopped making resolutions years ago without any regrets!

Instead, I developed a list in my head of Things To Do in my lifetime.  It wasn’t until I watched “The Bucket List”,

Bucket List -The Movie

Bucket List -The Movie

I realized that was exactly what I had.  A Bucket List!  I just never had a fancy name for my ‘wish list’.  In lieu of a New Year’s resolution blog, I thought I’d share my evolving Bucket List with you in the hopes you’ll share yours, too.

A few things I’ve already crossed off my list:

saw Mt. Rushmore,

hiked Mt. Si,

went on 2 wild and crazy road trips with my amazing daughter,

danced with my equally amazing son at his wedding,

enjoyed 10 of the 58 National Parks;

reconciled with my mom,

forgave my dad,

rode motorcycles in two week-long camping trips with my husband,

Heading into Glacier National Park

Heading into Glacier National Park

tried artsy-fartsy projects (glass fusing and pottery painting),

started this blog,

won NaNoWriMo,

volunteered at “Rock & Worship Roadshow” concert,

tried eating/cooking new ethnic foods,

discovered my life’s purpose: share my story to help others.

Still to do:

ride our motorcycles to Sturgis;

Sturgis RallyCourtesy: ultimatemotorcycling.com

Sturgis Rally
Courtesy: ultimatemotorcycling.com

go on a vacation or camping with all our kids;

travel to each state in the union (29 to go);

hike a section of Camino de Santiago in Spain,

gain greater understanding of God;

adopt another dog from the pound,

experience the rest of the National Parks (48 to go),

ride a motorcycle coast to coast,

read the Bible cover to cover;

see my sister again,

volunteer at Union Gospel Mission,

continue learning to be the best wife/mom/mother-in-law/friend/daughter I can be, 

take a backpacking trip between Stevens and Snoqualmie Passes,

learn to say hello in 10 languages,

learn some dance moves,

courtesy: cosmosmagazine.com

courtesy: cosmosmagazine.com

convince hubby to learn some dance moves,

get a stamp in my passport,

go zip-lining (maybe),

improve my “Spanglish” to Spanish,

write and publish my memoir.

How about you?  What’s on your Bucket List?