Many of us are focused on Thanksgiving this week, and remembering what we’re thankful for.  Hands down, I’m thankful for my husband and our kids (+ kids in law)!

Since my kids have gotten married, I have to share holidays with “the other families” now.  (Side note:  I’m still learning to be gracious about sharing!)  I’ve been spoiled having my kids for every holiday their whole lives, and didn’t even know it!  Thanksgiving is our holiday this year, and I’m so excited about having them here in a few short days!

My NaNo novel is taking shape, and with no great surprise to me, the family theme is becoming stronger as the chapters grow.  I love my family with every fiber of my body.  My kids have been God’s greatest gift to me, and I am often incredulous He chose me to be their mom.  Sometimes when I’m missing them, and need a ‘kid fix’ I browse through old pictures.   (I mean, really, I can’t call every time I miss them!)  With their permission, I thought it would be fun to share some favorite pictures with you today…

David and me, at the ocean

Michelle and Me, at the beach

One of many 1st days of school poses

Doug & the kids – I was too chicken for this wild ride!

Doug and Me, Luau 2010

David, Michelle and Me -back on the beach. My haven’t they grown up!

How about you?  Who are you thankful for, and will you get to spend time together this holiday season?