It’s Election Day here in the states.  We’ve endured months of political ads, debates, and unwelcome phone solicitations.  Finally… it’s coming to an end and we get to speak our minds.  We, the citizens, get the final say.  Our voices matter!  Though we’ve heard it many times before, today is a good time to remember those who fought and died for our right to vote.  It is a privilege many people across the globe envy us for and we often take it for granted.

     Last night I watched “The Voice” on NBC and thought about how brave those hopeful singers were to audition in front of four professional entertainers and a live audience on national television.  Their voices were the reasons they’d made it that far, and I thought it fitting on Election Eve.

     There are many reasons for feeling we have no voice, and many of us long for it in our daily lives.  Perhaps as children we were told it’s best to ‘be seen and not heard’, or maybe at work our observations are ignored –even ridiculed.  Sometimes our spouses disregard our opinions as useless or stupid.  I think being afraid to speak about my abuse gave me a passion for voting.  I’ve never missed an election in 30 years.  Marking that ballot makes me feel important and involved in my community.

     I am so grateful for the freedom to vote and to speak my mind.  Wherever you live, if you are able to vote, I hope you’ll remember that your voice matters on Election Day.

     Land of the Free, Home of the Brave…God Bless America.