That’s the best I can come up with today.  I am astonished by the response my last post, Desperate to Stop the Pain, created.  It was by far the most difficult one I’ve written and by far seemed to touch people the most.  Thank you to all who shared it, took the time to comment on it, and for your amazing support.  I am incredulous and grateful.

I was also nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” this week.  I’m delighted and flattered, and so excited to have the opportunity to pay it forward!

Rules of accepting the award are to acknowledge who nominated me, tell 7 things about myself, and nominate 15 other bloggers.

A big thank you to optimisticgladness over at Deep and Wonderful Thoughts  who kindly nominated me.  Her blog focuses on “parenting, spirituality and life.”  Please head over for a visit!

Seven Things About Myself

  1. I love surprises!
  2. I dream of getting a stamp in my passport
  3. I got my student pilot license before my driver’s permit
  4. I’m still afraid of spiders
  5. I wish I had a groove like Cheryl Burke on Dancing with the Stars
  6. My favorite food is anything my husband cooks (especially on the grill!)
  7. Dogs melt my  heart

I’m happy to nominate the following blogs for the “One Lovely Blog Award”

(My apologies to those not included.  These 15 blogs have impacted my writing, healing or spiritual journeys)

  1. Karen S. Elliott at The Word Shark because of her incredible and generous passion.  For writing and life… but mostly for people. 
  2. jumpingonclouds also because of her passion.  Her heart is full, her words magnetic. 
  3. Debbie at MEinventing.  Another passionate blogger; she is putting her words into action in a unique way. 
  4. Linda Hoye at Slice of Life Writing. She writes from her heart and I felt a connection with her right away. 
  5. Heather Kopp at Because she bares her soul, you will feel your own. 
  6. 4am writer. Her writing is powerful, and she touches my heart. 
  7. Rachel at BeautyFromAshesDaughter. Pure and raw, Rachel writes from down deep in her soul. 
  8. Enchanted SeaShells. On living near the sea, married to the captain. Yet so much more.
  9. Sheri at sherijkennedyriverside. Her photos will take your breath away. 
  10. Ali at It’s a God Thing. Living her faith out loud. 
  11. SecondHalfWoman. Combining Personal Growth with gorgeous photography.
  12. Deliberately Delicious. Adventure and Gratitude seasoned with humor and love. 
  13. Andi at Adventures of Andrea. For giving me a glimpse into the travels I dream of. 
  14. JMMcDowell. For showing me it’s possible to have a totally unrelated day job and still be a successful writer.
  15. Patty at ThoughtsFromAnAmericanWoman. For her dedication to God and Country.

These bloggers have all touched me in special ways.  I hope you will go see why for yourself.  Thank you again for your incredible support and encouragement!