On an ordinary morning, driving my kids to school, I heard an extraordinary voice. 

His voice was clear…

“Call 888-XXXX.”  I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and thought “What?”  It wasn’t even a number I recognized.  As I left the school, I very clearly heard the command again.  It was about 7:30 in the morning and I was hesitant to call anyone that early.  But, thinking it could only be 1: I’m crazy, or 2: from God, I thought “I’ll give it a shot.”  I punched in the number on my cell and after a few rings, a computerized voice told me I’d reached the number I’d just dialed.  No name and no hints.  I felt pretty smug, though, knowing I had complied without revealing my insanity!

Satisfied with my response, I headed home.  Our 3 dogs greeted me at the door in a frenzy, begging for an outing.  I piled them in our van and headed for a morning romp at the lake.  On the way, The Voice came back.  The message this time, though, was “Go to Jeff’s house.”  The Jeff that came to mind lived within a short distance of the lake.  I thought this was increasingly odd, and tried to shake the idea off.  I’d known him and his family for years, but we were only acquaintances.  The closer I got to the turn off, however, the louder The Voice was.  So, a little frustrated and more than a little confused, I veered towards his house.  Through the window, I could see him sleeping in front of the fireplace on the floor.  There was no way I was going to knock and wake him up.  So, I returned to the van and continued to the lake.

His voice was insistent…

The dogs were wild with excitement and their enthusiasm made me laugh.  But, no sooner did I have them leashed up and ready to go, than the skies gave forth with a crash of lightning and thunder followed by a pelting rain.  Completely frustrated, I packed the dogs back in the van, cheated of their play date.  We headed down the hill and there was that command again “Go to Jeff’s house.”  Although I was entirely irritated by this time, I pulled back into his driveway.

I knocked on the door, hesitant to wake him with no logical explanation for my appearance.  He got up, opened the door and groggily said hello.  My greeting was a rushed and embarrassed “Jeff, I have no idea why I’m here, but I felt God told me to come -and by the way, do you need a hug?”  The latter part was totally unexpected and I surprised myself when it came out of my mouth.  He burst into tears as I hugged him.

I was thoroughly bewildered and it must have shown.  He invited me in and explained that he’d felt so isolated from God recently, he’d been praying for a tangible hug from Him.  I was stunned.  God had chosen me to help answer Jeff’s prayer?

Irritation turned to astonishment.

We stood in the entryway for a time and he shared his heart with me.  At one point I asked him what his phone number was.  When he recited the same number I’d dialed earlier, I told him that part of the story, too.  We marveled together about God’s mysterious and powerful ways.

His voice was a blessing…

I’m not sure why God insisted on me being part of His plan that morning.  It was a humbling experience to know He chose me, and because of my obedience Jeff and I were equally blessed.  Sometimes I drown out His Voice with the busy-ness of my days, but when I stop and remember that morning with Jeff, it helps me to slow down and Listen.

How about you?  What marvelous things have happened when you’ve listened to His Voice?