My blog has finally been birthed! For a long time, sweating the details of a name, topic and who in the world would read it served as a great distraction from actually doing it! However, a very motivational writer’s conference last weekend finally tipped me over the edge to jump in feet first! Splash!

I resisted all forms of social media until I joined GoodReads this spring. Now here’s a blog I’ve started and I’m feeling stretched like a Gumby toy.

Growing pains have been a part of my life as I’ve snaked along on this journey of self-awareness, healing and development.  Thankfully, I barely resemble the person I once was.

Keeping it short and sweet today.

My hope is the journey I share with you will be helpful and encouraging.  I look forward to finding my way with you.  Please share your comments and stories.  We don’t have to agree, that’s what makes life interesting.